Book Review: Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon

Tell me your dreams is a spine-chilling novel written by Sidney Sheldon. I remember back then when I lay my hands on this book at the bookstand in a leading bookstore.

Standing over there, as I read the synopsis of this thriller novel, I realize it was a taste I was looking for months and sooner made me buy it. I believe I did the best thing to spend my every penny for this engaging and mind-bending twist masterpiece.

This novel is based on the concept of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). The story revolves around three beautiful young women. Ashley Peterson — who’s also the protagonist of this novel. And her two co-workers Toni Prescott and Alette Peters.


All three women work in the same computer company located in silicon valley. In terms of personality, Ashley is American women; is a workaholic and an introverted person. Besides, Toni is a British; free-spirited soul, bold and full of rage who loves to sing and dance. In contrast, Alette is a calm, shy girl belong from Rome and an artist who has a love for artwork.

All three women under one roof never remain much in touch with each other. Toni dislikes Ashely a lot. And, Alette has a soft-corner for Ashley. However, Toni and Alette get along together more easily, Despite their differences, the story tells that all three of them have gone with family trauma and no matter what, they would go for one another safety as far as they can.

Everything was going perfect and normal in Ashley life, but as the story grows it seems like someone is chasing her. She starts having continuous anxious that her life could be in danger. But from whom? She doesn’t know yet. She rings a call to the cops. And plead to the police officer to escort her. The same officer found dead, the next morning in her apartment.

Apart from Ashely, Toni and Alette have met some new guys in their life. Toni — met a guy via online and visits him in Quebec. While Alette — she went to Rome and meet an artist there. In a short span of time, two more murders took place in Quebec and Rome. And the victims were known to be the same guys whom Toni and Alette met. But who did it? It remained a mystery for police.

Under the police investigation, all three murders have taken place with a similar fashion i.e; victims are brutally castrated and all of them had sex before being murdered.

Later on, evidence points out to one person behind all the mysterious murders that took place from San Francisco to the city of Quebec to Rome.

Ashley Peterson was the serial killer behind this heinous crime.

A twist emerges, as the reader continues to find out that Toni and Alette are not the two real people but are the alters of Ashley.

“Sheriff Dowling took a deep breath. “Ashley Patterson…Toni Prescott…Alette Peters, they’re all the same fucking person.”

The other characters also play a big role in Ashely life. Ashely father — Dr Petterson; a famous heart surgeon and an over-protective father who always warns and dislike Ashely’s love-life relationship.

David Singer — a lawyer and friend of Dr Petterson, in defence of Ashley case he stood up and multiple trials happen in the further story to be to prove that it wasn’t Ashley who committed the crime but the split personality let her do this without Ashely conscious state of mind.

Everywhere it becomes a talk of the town about this bizarre murder trials of the century. Court didn’t agree to accept her as an innocent. It seems like the jury had decided her fate to put her on death row. Now it was all in the hands of Singer and how far he will go to help poor Ashley.

Sheldon left his readers in suspense with each turning page of chapters that why and when the birth of split personality in Ashley happens and what was the dark secret behind her dissociative personality disorder? Will Ashley be proven innocent or culprit? And could MPD patients can be curable or not?


If you are a fan of thrill and suspense books that would make you keep reading and not to put-it-down until you finish it or you are looking for novel with creepy murders and trials behind closed doors of courtroom that will keep you engaging and gives you goosebumps as the story neared to climax, then this is a must-read for you.

Head to your nearest bookstore to grab a copy of this book and let me know your views!

Rating: I ‘ll rate it 4 stars. Wbu?